Do you know who created this world? If not then you are on perfect place.


Its only God who created this world. In the beginning, there was only God. Bible also explained about the story of creation. According to my point of view, the world was created by God. People have different religions but he is one who creates this world ‘GOD’.

If we ask from someone that who created this world? , some say it was created by the God and some give scientific reasons for a collapse of a huge molecular cloud under the influence of gravity more and more. . . . . . .


All these heaven and earth, mountains and rivers and every living thing are given by God. God exists everywhere, even he is also in the human being.

Let’s talk about the creation of the world.

He created this beautiful world within six days.

On day 1st

On the first day, God said “There should be light” and there was light.

On day 2nd

On the next day i.e second day, God made a sky which is known as heaven.

On day 3rd

On the third day, he gathered a water at certain places so that in other parts the dryland become visible in this way he put the earth into good shape.

He made the earth to produce each and every kind of flowers, plants, trees, and shrubs. All these contained its own seed for reproduction.

On day 4th

On the fourth day, God made the moon, stars, and sun and after that, he set a time for a day, a time for the night, a time for the week, a time for the month and the time of the year.

On day 5th

On the day after the fourth day i.e fifth day, the waters which formed sea and oceans, lakes and rivers, God filled them with fishes and other various types of water animals and in the air, he put various types of birds of different colors and sizes.

On day 6th

On the sixth day, God made all other types of animals small and big, those who walk, those who creep and crawl on the earth and with the end of the sixth day, he made a special thing which is known as human.

God made a human and gave them high mental abilities due to which they are able to think and reach one’s own conclusion. He gave the human the power of speech that’s why humans are different from all the creatures of the earth.

On day 7th

By the seventh day, everything was created and in its own place. God rested on the seventh day and he gave us this seventh day as a rest day. Therefore we work for six days and on the seventh day, we take rest.

In this way, the world was created by God and God blessed Adam(first man) ¬†and eve(first women), saying “Be fruitful and multiply and control the earth.



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